Saturday, March 01, 2008

Nablopomo for March - list #1

Whenever I go to Vientiane for meetings, I head to the store for a some non-Lao delicacies. I usually eat sticky rice, fermented fish sauce (if it's boiled), grilled whatever, overboiled vegetables, rice noodle soup and chopped meat salad while I'm with my staff in the field. So I enjoy exotic food when I go to the expatriate store.

Items on the list today:
1. Cheese
2. Mustard
3. Whole wheat bread
4. Granola
5. Ground coffee (Lao coffee is the best in the world but restaurants often serve only Nescafe in the villages, thinking that it's more modern!)
6. Yogurt
7. Kitty crunchies for the cats.

I bought other things, feeling overstimulated by the selection.
1. Peanut butter
2. Two kinds of cheese
3. Jam
4. Yogurt
5. Freshly baked whole wheat bread
6. Gherkin pickles
7. Mustard
8. Tuna fish
9. Freshly baked carrot cake

But I forgot the coffee! And the kitty crunchies! Well, if the cats have to suffer, that means I'll have to suffer as well.

This is Day #1 of the NaBloPoMo challenge, to write a list each day of the month.


JewishGal said...

Hey! I found your blog through the NaBloPoMo site - I like your blog and I'm adding you to my list of fellow challengers to follow this month :) Just saying hi!

jientje said...

A new fan for your blog! Way to go, you deserve it!
Doing nablopomo as well huh?
You're very couragious!
Too bad you forgot the kitty crunchies though!