Tuesday, March 04, 2008

List #4: Featured pictures listed on the main Wikipedia page

In trying to find something else in Wikipedia, I looked at the main page - they have interesting pictures of the day. Here are a few from March and February:

1. Cappadocia is a central province in Turkey. One of the parks is a UNESCO heritage site, with 'fairy chimneys,' landforms with harder layers above softer rock layers that erode into tall columns.

2. Life cycle of the Emperor Penguin, complete with the ice berg.

3. Rosie the Riveter, the archetypal image of the thousands of women who worked in the factories and munitions plants during WWII.

4. A humpback whale breaching In the article, it says that they could do this as a form of communication or to rub off parasites. I think they do it for fun.

5. The Citric Acid Cycle I used to know this, after having studied it in high school and in prerequisite courses for both my nursing and then PA degrees. Can barely recognize it now.

6. This picture is really WOW - Eruption of Mt. Etna in 2002 as seen by the International Space Station.

7. The Vinland Map, a copy of a 13th century map which is believed to be the first map showing the outline of the North American coastline.

8. The two-toned moon Iapetus, taken by the Cassini orbiter in its tour around Saturn.

9. A ball captured by strobe light, showing how it loses energy with every bounce.

10. The Rainflower which grows in Indian and islands in the Indian ocean. An incredible piece of flora!

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