Friday, March 14, 2008

List #14: the significance of March 14

March 14 is Pi Day, our friend who shows up so much in natural formula. 3.14 etc, etc.

So here are some facts about Pi -

1. The circumference of a circle is Pi times the diameter

2. It's an irrational number, meaning it can not be written as the ratio of two integers.

3. It goes on and on.

4. The area of a circle is Pi times the radius squared.

5. It's also Albert Einstein's birthday. He was born in 1879.

6. And it's also my brother's birthday. He's so lucky; he gets all the good birthdays. My birthday is really dorky.

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Marie Walden said...

Chanpheng, what a fun post. I hadn't heard of Pi Day until this year. I had no time to plan for a party!

And how can one have a dorky birthday? LOL.