Wednesday, March 05, 2008

List #5: Some links for today

I've found these blogs via Google's 'blogs of note' and one on the livejournal spotlight. They're worth checking out!

1. People Reading - I saw the URL on the blogger dashboard. The author interviews one person a day who is reading a book. Apparently, it's very easy to find people reading books in all sorts of places in San Francisco.

2. Fake Plastic Fish - Again, a blogger blog of note. The author says, "Fake Plastic Fish is my attempt to live sustainably by significantly reducing my plastic consumption and plastic waste, from carrying my own bags when shopping to drinking from a reusable metal water bottle to using solid shampoos and lotions instead of those bottled in plastic. Each week I photograph and tally my plastic waste. The amount has gone down a lot since I first started, but as you can see from the following picture, even someone like me who is trying very hard can still end up surrounded by plastic." When people think about what can be done for the environment, it can make your head spin. This down to earth blog shows what we can do.

A little aside here - unfortunately, plastic is seen as modern and therefore, wonderful, in Asia. I've seen so many people putting aside containers made from bamboo leaves, cloth or bamboo containers for carrying purchases, and plates made from plant material in favor of brightly colored plastic. I've got to start my staff with this list.

3. The Carrot Revolution - An art educator website with interesting ways of looking at things and educating about art.

4. For a Good World - A livejournal community, the maintainers post a link each day about community organizations doing good and simple acts to make the world a better place.

5. The Postit Project started as documentation of the bloggers doodles drawn on post-it notes and has expanded. I never thought... but some of the drawings and collections of drawings are cool.

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JewishGal said...

Thanks for the links :D I added the post it project and the carrot one to my RSS feeds. yay new blogs to read!