Saturday, March 29, 2008

List #29: My favorite foods

There are a lot of weird foods in Laos, many of which started off as foods of necessity but ended up becoming the high cuisine. I can eat most of it, some of it is a little gross, but when I have a chance, I like to eat the following:

1. Real ice cream.
2. Cauliflower and broccoli - for some reason, they're difficult to find outside Vientiane. Asparagus I can find in Xieng Khouang, because a crop substitution program got people to stop producing opium and plant asparagus and plums instead.
3. Napong yogurt - there really is a dairy which sells milk and they make great yogurt. My favorite flavor is mulberry.
4. Cheese - of any variety. There's a foreign food store that sells all sorts of cheeses.
5. Brown rice - people in the remote areas don't over pound their rice so it retains vitamins; however people in the cities prefer polished white rice. If I can't get brown rice in the countryside, I can find it in a few stores in Vientiane.
6. Fresh tofu - people in the north, particularly Hmong, make tofu but it's difficult to find in the south. Sometimes I can find it in Vientiane. Fresh tofu is stored in cold water, and wrapped in banana leaves.
7. Fresh whole wheat bread - there are several stores that bake bread fresh, though some upcountry towns make great crusty French bread.

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