Monday, March 03, 2008

List #3: Things I have to absolutely get done this week

Just in case anyone thought that living in an exotic country means you do exotic things, here the list of mundane things that everyone faces, around the world:

1. Get a haircut. While getting a shampoo and a head massage is a nice plus to any haircut, having an audience, especially one that wants to touch the foreigner's hair, means you really have to get your strength up. I vow to get sheared this week - with hot season coming up, I just can't deal with my shaggy mop.

2. Pay my internet and utility bills. Yes, we have both utilities as well as bills.

3. Go through the mounds of documents in my office and decide which can be recycled and which to file.

4. Go to the bank. That's related to item #2.

5. Meet with staff and make out the March work plan. Yes, there is work in paradise.

6. Come back to this list on Thursday and see what got done.

7. Friday is a substitution holiday because International Women's Day is on Saturday.


Tom said...

Hi there Chenpheng
Thank you for dropping by this weekend and leaving comments.. I am sorry I have not returned the compliment earlier only this weekend as been 'mad hectic' I never seem to have stopped.

Just had a quick browse, and what really caught my eye was the sprit house... whats the story behind them?.. I will be off to google and checking them out.

Have a great weekend.

Sky Watch this week will be hosted from my blog by the way.. make sure to call on leave your link.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Re #2: I'm guilty. And I should be embarrassed, too. Of course you have electricity and an internet connection. How else would you blog? I guess I'm just so focused on the "otherness" of where you are, that the obvious slipped well beneath my radar.

chanpheng said...

Actually, it's a realistic assumption. When I first came to work in Laos in 1996, we didn't have 24 hour electricity in the province where we were working. Since 2003, that has changed for the better :-) In that province town, we've also running water into the houses and I've had a telephone in my house since around 2000! Most of the districts towns and a lot of villages have electricity as well.