Saturday, March 22, 2008

List #22: What I did today

I try to catch up on life on the weekends. This week, I've got several papers for my distance learning program, plus I have to clean up the mes from the thunderstorm that swept through Vientiane this week. And some work-related stuff.

So what did I actually do?

1. Played with the kittens. This is pretty easy. I can't walk into the kitchen or to the back of the house without getting stalked and attacked.

2. I did respond to the local flooding in my house - moved all the furniture outside and pushed as much of the water, that had collected in the low spots of the house, outside with a mop. Finally I decided that it was flowing backwards into the corners at the same rate I was pushing it.

3. So I turned on the fan and got on my bicycle to go downtown. I realized that I had left my camera in the office and I can't bear to be separated from it for too long.

4. Returned via 'Korea-town', a section of town just east of the downtown area. It's a densely populated area of shopshouses, where people's businesses are in the downstairs living areas.

People also have carts, where their businesses are more portable. Because there's so much activity going on in this area during the evenings, vendors rush in to get the best spots along the street.

5. On my way back home, I stopped by a nursery located near the Northern bus station. This bypass road used to be a dirt track, but now it has been built up - hotels, heavy machinery shops, the Chinese mall, more restaurants and hotels. The nursery is a nice piece of wilderness in the middle of all this. I spent some time deciding that I really did need some new plants while walking around the cool, misty forest - then decided I really can't balance a tree on the back of my bicycle.

6. When I returned home, I moved the furniture back inside and tried to tidy up the main room of my house. I didn't take any pictures of this mess!

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