Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday - meeting finished

I've been to Sekong a few times. It's a very spread out place - usually province town centers will have all the government buildings in one place but everything is spread out over a wide area. I guess there will be a lot of room to expand in between the houses.

I walked around last night and early this morning, trying to get a feel for it. Last night, I saw a funny thing, which I managed to capture on my video camera - a dog was barking in the face of a goat. The goat would jump a few steps towards the dog and it would back off. The dog would start barking again, edging up on the goat and the whole scene would be repeated. Finally, an older goat sneaked up behind the dog and chased it off - the goat jumped high in place - I think the dog was seriously impressed by the height and vigor cause it ran back to its house and didn't return.

These entries have been back-dated. While Salavan, as small as it is, has an internet shop - Sekong still does not! Surprising!

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