Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sand bagged Vientiane

running sandbags

While we were gone, everyone in Vientiane worked to sandbag the levee, which runs about 12 kms. along the Mekong.

sandbagged house

It reminded me a lot of a Christo art work, 'running fence.' I never appreciated the installation until I saw the movie - so much of the art involved the politics of talking with people and city councils and getting people not only to approve the project, but to participate. So this sandbagging effort in Vientiane reminded me of the work that went into the installation.

running sandbags

People used different techniques and varying amounts of care to construct their fences.

When I returned to my village, my house was dry. Although it's close to Khao Liew, where the levee stops, we didn't get wet.

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