Friday, August 29, 2008

Skywatch Friday - machines and skies

There's a Chinese mall near my house. Inside the mall, you find curtain, appliances, clothing, and foods, etc. Outside, they sell the heavy machinery. I haven't seen any of these in use and since there's so much grass growing between the tires, I'm not sure how many they sell.

chinese machines and sunset

Chinese tok toks and sky

This post is my contribution to Skywatch Friday.


imac said...

All lined up - and nowhere to go.

Great theme and a great shot too.

nonizamboni said...

Very thought provoking post and beautiful clouds as well. You live in an area we are prone to forget about so I'm always happy to see what you've shared with us.
p.s. I see you're reading Bird by Bird, a book I would take on a desert island with me!

Denise said...

So interesting and really nice photographs.

Dewdrop said...

I like the lines in these shots! Great captures!

alicesg said...

Interesting photo for SWF.