Sunday, August 03, 2008

ABC Weds. - C's

Crazy clouds 2 June 08. We were returning to Vientiane under a very active sky - it looked like a science fiction movie.

Craters on the Plane of Jars - a sad legacy from the Secret War in Laos.

Ceramic wood-fired mortars that I saw on the back of a tok-tok. This size is good for making Tam mak-heung, papaya salad made with pa daek (fermented fish sauce), tomatoes, lemon juice, and lots of chile peppers.

Cat under a farmhouse, protecting the freshly harvested garlic. Not quite sure who he's protecting it from - mice or humans. I love garlic.

Carousel ride at a fair by the Mekong waterfront.

Corn being spread out to dry before being sold for animal feed.

Other participants in ABC Wednesdays can be found here and also here.



a most interestig journey - thanks for sharing

me ann my camera said...

I love most of all the very beautiful carousel pictures.

Denise said...

A wonderful selection to show the diverse moments! Great stuff!

magiceye said...

beautiful representation of C

Kim said...

I love your photos. I especially love the one of the boys on the carousel. Very nicely done. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

leslie said...

Lots of great C words for today! I enjoyed coming by to see your photos. Thx for dropping by my blog and be sure to over next week! :D

Sara said...

Your selection of "C's" I found very interesting. One of the great things about ABC Wednesday is that we get to visit distant places we'd otherwise never see.

Thank you for your comments on my blog too...yes, those canals are hidden away in one little section of town and it was a few years before I even knew they were there myself. I live about as far from that area as you can get and still be in LB. There are some Cambodian families here in my neighborhood too.

Brian said...

Lovely blog on ADC Wenesday what a lovely area to visit through your lens, the clouds were amazing.

Thank you for your commets on my blog,I shall be posting more carving photos soon.