Friday, February 22, 2008

village and cloudy sky

village and cloudy sky, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

A tiny village in the middle of nowhere - and the sky pressing down.

The mountain by the district town in Ta-Oi District. One person remarked,"Why don't they build a hotel there?" and another person answered, "There are too many spirits and ghosts up there."

This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday

In the morning, I talked with a local contractor about some infrastructure improvements to the district hospital, followed by a meeting with the DoH to talk about what needs to be done for the water system, and then the closing ceremony for our training. However, I spent most of the day being shaken on the road back to the province capital city.


Sonia said...

Wonderful pictures! Well done!

Andrée said...

Wow, spirits and ghosts! May they remain there and keep ugly buildings out of this loveliness.

chanpheng said...

@andree - there has been some cultural adaptation when the need for building things arises. People will have a ceremony for the different stages of building a house, and tie a bamboo fish trap with offerings to the central post of the house when they are not working. These ceremonies are supposed to placate the spirits that might be disturbed by the construction. With this mountain (I didn't catch the name) I believe that there are an exceptional number of powerful spirits; however once the road to the Vietnam border is finished, I imagine that there will be a hotel on the top.

Ida said...

Beautiful photos. :)
I`ve been looking through your blog. Your life seems interesting, where you are.
A very different culture. Exciting.
So long. Take care! :)