Sunday, February 10, 2008

A social weekend

This has been a very social weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday with Hmong friends from the US, visiting their Hmong relatives whom I haven't seen for a good long time. Today, I relaxed with a Lao friend who had married a French friend last year. It's not often that I'm in Vientiane when other friends are around, so it was nice to have this opportunity.

I do realize that I've been more of a homebody over the past few years. First, I do have to spend time on the weekends studying for my MPH program. Already I've been at it for four years; it's been difficult to find the time, even when I've adapted some of the content so I can teach my staff. And I don't like going out at night any more - I get too worried about the traffic and the motorcyclists who get crazier and faster all the time. I've also become more introspective in my old age.

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