Saturday, February 02, 2008

Book #6: Door into Ocean

I'm moving right along with my TBR challenge.

The Door into Ocean
tells the tales of two worlds - one very materialistic, where rank and wealth are based on metal and stone, and it's moon called Shorra, which is covered by a shallow ocean and inhabited by females, supposedly the descendants of "the Primes" who populated the universe for billions of years before. The world Valedon, is one of the 100 worlds of a galactic federation, which is united by visits by Malachaite, the envoy of the Pluriarch. When there is a conflict, he provides an objective solution which maintains the 'status quo' - while his solutions reduce the sense of conflict, they are not ethical solutions.

The conflict between the two is how Valedon and Shorra can exist together when their world views are so far apart. The various dichotomies are illustrated in a study guide. The ways that the conflict is shown in its human and Sharer forms revolve around two sets of people who lived on both planets. Through assimilation, they learn how to become more whole. However, the forces of those in power are threatened by spiritual realizations.

The final sections of the book are very powerful, with the face to face discussions between a representative of the occupation and a Sharer woman. They both see each other through their culture, trying to be fair, but never quite taking the last step. The representative of the occupation, and the soldiers from Valedon, don't understand the Sharers and consider them to be devious. The Sharers see the occupiers as sick, and don't realize how sick they are, and treat them with compassion.

This is really a fine novel, in which the world building is quite amazing and the characterizations are well crafted.

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