Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A couple of pictures from this morning

I like getting up early in the morning, though at this time of the year, it's still dark until nearly six a.m. I got up and walked outside around 5 am, when the stars were the clearest and all the roosters in the neighborhood and across town were making such a racket, they were waking everyone up. I was amazed to see Venus and Jupiter - they were so close together, they looked like a double star, or a planet and moon. Very beautiful.

Since I was up, I got out for a long walk in the morning. Here are a few pictures.

morningroad, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

I love the light of the cold season mornings - the combination of fog just burning off and the orange glow of the early morning sun made the air glow. This is on a road near my house, at about 7 am, when kids are walking or riding their bicycles to high school.

stairs, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

This is a stairway leading to the back of the Buddhist temple, where the older buildings are located.

garden in morning, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

Dry season vegetable gardens occupy people's time. Some people build banks for their gardens in their dry rice fields separated by trenches for irrigations; they plant melons or beans in these gardens. This garden is a permanent vegetable garden behind a neighbor's house.

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