Saturday, February 16, 2008

A couple of blog carnivals that I read

The Carnival of Space, organized by Universe Today, always has interesting links giving a cosmic view of everything, both in space and on the Earth. It's hosted by the New Frontiers blog, one I haven't read before. I learned from the Visual Astronomy blog link, that the last lunar eclipse for the next two years will take place on 20 Feb. Unfortunately, the eclipse will start at dawn in the SE Asia area so we miss out on this one. I have no plans to be in the US or Africa for it.

Another favorite blog carnival is hosted by Blogborygmi, a play on the word borborygmi which means a tremendous whoosing and sometimes embarrasings sounds which one's intestines can emit when empty (rumbling stomach we call it as well). HealthBlawg hosts the Valendtine's Day edition this week. Such as long list of wonderful looking medical links that I'll be going back there frequently this weekend.

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