Sunday, February 17, 2008

Summary Sunday

Just something I thought I'd try, to try to summarize what has happened over the past week and what the upcoming week looks like.

11 - 17 February:
Weeks that I spent in Vientiane are like weeks with no weather. There are constant details in the office, calling the field offices for data and reports, and writing reports. We've had a few patients in the hospital for follow-up treatment. One of my staff, and a volunteer visited them and the volunteer has been going to the hospital every few days to tutor them. While it's a bad situation, the people who work with me help to make things as good as possible.

Valentine's Day happened. It was fun. Since I'm not involved with anyone, it doesn't have quite the same excitement and romance.

Worked on Saturday for part of the day - got some trainings for the next few months organized. Today I rode my bicycle around and rested my mind.

18 - 24 February:
Going back out to the field for the next two weeks. Taking the overnight bus tomorrow night then going out to a remote district to see how the training and work out there has been going.

I might not be able to post anything till next week - though there is a possibility that if I can hook my wireless desk phone up to someone's antennae that I might be able to. That will be funny.

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