Thursday, February 21, 2008

morning on river

morning on river, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

View from the guest house in the early morning.

I took a long walk in the morning air - very misty early on but as the sun rose, the air grew pink and I walked down to the river.

Later, we worked at the district hospital. I sat in the nursing technique and management training, which was held in the patient waiting area in the front of the hospital. Also, spent a good part of the day going through donated supplies, trying to figure out what some of the things were, and trying to explain how to use them to the staff in Lao language. Adult diapers (chux), sucrose solution which is supposed to be applied to the outside of pacifiers to sooth fussy babies in emergency rooms (had to explain what is a pacifier - not used here, where the mother's breast is not far away), water soluble lubricant.

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