Saturday, May 03, 2008

Voices #3

I don't always listen to my body, but today I allowed myself to sleep late. My brain did try to give my body a nudge. "Isn't it time to get up?"

My body groaned. "Turn down your electrical activity. I'm sleeping."

Brain makes my body pick up my cell phone. "It's 7:30 am. You're late for work."

Body turns over. "You're deranged and hallucinating. It's Saturday."


I finally got up at 10 am, made coffee (which always makes Brain feel happy) and read. In the afternoon, I went downtown to the market and met up with the older sister of one of the people we've helped through our project. She sells freshly made tofu, for about 25 cents/ block. We chatted for a while and she invited me to their house. Still feeling tired, I asked for a rain check (easy enough in rainy season) and went to the office.

As I was working on the office computer, I suddenly got that feverish feeling - my body feels uncomfortable and my head felt hot. After shutting everything down, I went to a friend's store to buy juice and other staples for illness.

I dropped into bed after finding the thermometer. Body wanted to jump up and down and yell at Brain, "I told you so!" when I saw my temperature.

Brain knew enough to shut up. We'll probably hear more about it later.


Keera Ann Fox said...

As they say in Norwegian: God bedring! (Good healing!)

chanpheng said...

Thanks. I'm limping along on the road to recovery as I type!