Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burma news

The past few days I've been very busy so haven't been writing so much. And along with writing goes blogging, which is distressing because writing short things is amusing and gives me a chance to relax my mind.

The world recently has not been relaxing. If someone hasn't heard of the tragedies in Burma and China... well, maybe too poor or too far from even a radio. Unfortunately, that might be a majority of the people in the world.

Laos is really doing its part, and I'm very proud of that. Yesterday, some of my colleagues told me about seeing some friends of mine from Mahosot and Friendship Hospitals, going off to provide emergency health care in Burma. There's a short story here, from the Vientiane Times. Some of the volunteers include the Director of Friendship Hospital, one of my best friends here, and the Director of the Anesthesia Service of Mahosot Hospital.

Some people may scoff at this 'aid,' especially since the Burmese junta has been so paranoid and uncaring towards their people by hindering outside assistance. And allowing selected Asian countries to provide aid is a political move. But on the other hand, as poor as Laos is, it still can help in some manner.

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GMG said...

Hi Changphen! I’m profiting from the holiday to anticipate the weekly visit…
The minimum that can be said is that the handling of the situation in Burma by the international community is far from being adequate (the ones in charge there don't even deserve to be named...)!
At least some Asian countries manage to provide some «accepted» help...
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, which is still around the imperial town of Marrakesh. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!