Thursday, May 15, 2008

Voice #15 - loss of voice

Too much work this week. Some of my staff are acting clueless, and it's taking a combination on sitting on them and being supported to get any work done. The big problem today was trying to teach math to one staff member - who is a doctor.

I hated my voice when I talked to him today. I felt full of irritation and I felt my words in Lao were not beautiful, the tones too strong, rather than the soft fluid tones that make up the language. I took him through the few steps of the activity that he is supposed to follow-up on and sent him on some errands, related to the work. And made myself calm down.

My tones were much more relaxed in the evening. One of the things about Laos is that you can't stay frustrated for too long - the culture radiates peace and putting things in perspective.

This post was originally about catching up on blog posts - and now that is done for the month. So far, at the halfway point, there are a lot of things to consider about voice.

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GMG said...

Hi Changphen! Here I am for the weekly visit… ;)
Look forward to seeing those posts!
Meanwhile, loved to see the flame trees and the pretend museum is amazing! As far as Lao Airlines is concerned, hope they keep up in the air... ;)
Finally the bananas: You're definitely lucky to have such a landlady!! ;)))
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, which has now landed in the imperial town of Marrakesh, the Red City!
Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!