Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hard to believe it's the end of April. My Lao friends keep saying that it's the end of the New Year month. And it really has been a month - although Lao New Year is supposed to be the 13th - 15th of April, the celebrations start towards the beginning of the month. And end with 1 May.

We have managed to slip some work in there during this time. We had 9 new patients who were injured by unexploded ordnance - the doctors and nurses at the hospitals where we work know when to quit the horsing around and get to work. All the people received treatment and returned home.

These past two days, we've had project management meetings - because we have worked together for so long, the meetings are very productive. I've been teaching about mental health issues and trauma - so the participants in the meeting took the time to review the people who have been treated this year who have answered the follow-up survey to see who might be having difficulties.

After the meeting, I invited some friends back to my house and we had snacks on my back porch and watched the rain.

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