Thursday, April 03, 2008

Letter #3: Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

It was nice that you visited today, but seeing your beady eyes
was a surprise.
I had no idea that you were even thinking of us,
the season of heat has captured the sky.
I can feel the forces tugging this way and that.

But I'd like to say...
next time, please announce your travel plans.
I'd like to have a party,
run through the puddles
or dance naked under the drain pipe,
a plastic bag over my head and the straps over my ears.

Or on more formal occasions,
I could carry an umbrella.
Not to put you off, but to listen to the patter of your laughter above me.

Your friend,


jientje said...

I love that letter Champeng! Did the rain finally listen to you?
If not, she must have come all the way from Belgium! She has arrived here again too!

Xander said...

Ah, I know it caught you unaware, but I am still envious of that rain. It's been a long time since we've gotten a satisfying downpour in Bangkok. -X

chanpheng said...

@jientje - I hope the rain listens to me tomorrow. We're all getting together for an outdoor program and displays about unexploded ordnance awareness here in Vientiane. We don't need rain tomorrow.

@xander - usually we get a few thunderstorms during March - but for the daily soaking, it's a little bit strange. It's more like May weather. Two of our project sites are remote, and the dirt roads only allow us to go there when the rains haven't started!