Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Sunday

Addendum (before everything else):
I just realized that my SWF link led to this post. My two most recent SWF are 16 May and 9 May.


I managed to slide on soapy water while handwashing clothes on Tuesday morning (I don't have a machine!) and my left foot crashed into the wall of the bathroom. It turned all sorts of interesting colors and swelled up in time for our big trip to Ta-Oi District.

Fortunately, the pain has been manageable, and the injury allowed me to rest at the beautiful guest house near the river rather than go to a loud concert that the district town organized for Wednesday night. Even across town (well, it's a small place so that's not saying very much), I could not only hear the music but make out the words.

Yesterday, I finally allowed myself to rest with the foot elevated and wrapped with a proper ace bandage. It's feeling much better and is getting back into foot-appropriate shape and size.

I did finally get my hair cut yesterday, and took myself out to dinner. The city water has been off most of the day and I had heard they planned to cut the water for an entire three days so I decided to treat myself at the Full Moon Cafe.

This morning, I walked around the jungle surrounding my house in Vientiane. And thought of Project Green. At least, green is related to plants and not related to the colors of the bruising of my foot!

The top picture is of the coconut trees and one of the banana trees towards the front of the house, framing the sky. And upper right is focused on the banana trees - no bananas at the moment. And to the left is of a Norfolk Pine that I bought in 1999 for a Christmas party - at the time, it was about a meter high and I loaded it down with Christmas tree lights and candy canes that a friend had sent from the US. Three years ago, it got too big for the pot so I planted it in the jungle - it's now about four meters tall and starting to have an attitude. I'm not sure if it or the coconut tree will win out over the competition for king of the jungle.

This is my second contribution to Project Green, where everyone posts pictures of their interpretations of the color green. A lot of fun, and for many areas of the world, green means spring is coming. For us, it's starting to be rainy season, where the fields are turning from brown to green.


Raven said...

beautiful photos all... makes me feel tranquil and at peace looking at them. Hope your foot heals quickly.

Alexander Santillanes said...

Wow- I'm rather envious of all that green around your house. Need someone to house sit for you? -X

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mishap. Don't abuse it...let it mend. Good greens here. I love looking at coconut palms. They're always so graceful.

World So Wide said...

Beautiful, lush green.

chanpheng said...

@raven: Thanks for your healing wishes. My foot seems to be getting better - especially since I've been staying off it.

@xander: Yes, it's a nice house even though it's a 'modern' concrete house. The garden is so nice because my 75-year old landlady is constantly taking care of it, starting at 5:30 each morning. And usually starting with the section under my window, where she rehashes conversations we've had, particularly the ones where she says I pamper my cats too much.

@june: Thanks for you comments. My foot is feeling better with a weekend of rest.

@leonard blumfeld: Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is nice too - I'm going to try the 'Inspire Me Thursday'.

Tom said...

Hello Chanpheng
Sorry to hear about your injury.. I wish you well with it.
I enjoyed you post today not just for your pictures but your writing as well.. look after that foot.

Petunia said...

Great shots:)
I hope you get better soon:)

Anonymous said...

nice green shots

Anonymous said...

What a great shot... nice one for SWF ... and I hope you get well pretty soon!

Neva said...

Such a lovely place... sorry to hear about your foot. take care.