Wednesday, April 23, 2008

fiddlerhead and Project Green

fiddlehead, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

In spite of the rain from the previous night, traveling to Ta-Oi was not too bad. There was not much dust, and the mud puddles were not too big. The leaves sprang out from the trees, and everything was so green. We stopped for a break and I found a baby fern.

This picture is my contribution to Project Green, Take 4

sunset in TaOi, originally uploaded by c_p_lew.

Although the road was comparatively good, the trip to Ta-Oi still took 5 hours. The sunset was a good reward.


Anna said...

Lovely green! I love it! I hope you are having fun with the Project!

Raven said...

Lovely fern photo - and an exquisite sunset as well.