Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Story of Toby the Tokay

Toby behind the Cabinet On my other journal, I wrote about Toby, the Tokay lizard who lived behind my cabinet in the kitchen. Although these lizards are large, they are quite peaceful - though they can bite and not let go if they are angry. Tonight I heard the characteristic cry of the Tokay, a shuddering breath followed by a cry sounding like "Toke-KAY" which can go on for ten or more cycles. It made me feel happy to know that Toby is still around the house - somewhere over the ceiling. The sound of his cry reverberates throughout the house!

Toby appeared towards the end of 2006. One night, I thought I heard some scampering noises from the area of the kitchen. The light just burned out and I haven't replaced it yet. I jumped some when I saw my new friend on the wall. I think he must have been hiding behind the cabinet and since it's been dark, he's gotten a little braver so came out for bigger and better bugs.

Toby's kinda shy so he - or she (I'm not about to try to lift its tail to find out) - has gone to ground, from his or her perspective. It's amazing how such a big creature can stick to the wall like that for hours or weeks.

My new pet

For a while, Toby appeared and disappeared. Whenever I returned to my house, I would look for him (or her). Sometimes he wouldn't be in his usual place and I'd think it was for the best. One night, after searching for him, I heard the hiccupping sound of the call of the tokay - really loud. The kitchen cabinets vibrated with his, or her, call for attention from the universe. So I looked behind the cabinet and there he was.

But! The following day, he vanished. I looked around for any holes that he could have wiggled out of, couldn't find any. Later that night, he was back again.

Now does that sound like he's found a door into an alternate universe or what?

I discovered that there could be another answer when a mouse ran out from behind the rack where I keep the coffee cups. Toby changes into a mouse to go traveling, or when he gets bored.

About a year ago, Toby took off. After hiding behind the cabinet in my kitchen for the past three months, Toby got restless and galloped across the wall, flopped onto my stove and disappeared into another wall. There was another tokay who ran down the hole as well, so I guess spring was in the air. I'm not sure that Toby will be satisfied by his previous position behind the cabinet.
Toby makes a break for freedom

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Keera Ann Fox said...

(Hi, Chanpheng! Catching up on fellow Blog365-ers, so I'm reading old posts.)

That Toby was one heck of a house guest! And awfully cute! Good pictures of him/her.