Friday, January 04, 2008

It's been a quiet day. Again the temperate was mind-boggling this morning 5 deg C. I kinda suspected something when I see my breath when I exhaled - while I still in bed. In order to get the ice cubes out of my blood, I took a walk in the am then a hot shower, which steamed up the whole house.

Once the sun came out, my shivers stopped. But you had to be directly in the path of the sun beams - sitting inside and working on a report on the computer did not work. In the afternoon, the building had warmed up enough to be tolerable.

Finally in the early evening, a person who had attended our animal raising/ veterinary workshop called me to say that he had gotten his neighbors and their chickens and ducks together so he invited me to watch him vaccinate the lot (it's recommended that chickens get vaccinated for Newcastle Disease and chicken cholera every six months). So I hung out behind his house, next to the fire, while the kids ran around and gathered up chickens, hugging them to their chests. Once he had finished with vaccinating one bird, a child would gather it up and talk to it, making the hurty go away. I really had to laugh at the kids crowding around to see the birds gets their shots; Leu's brother told me that they had just gotten their shots. The Ministry of Health organized a countrywide campaign to vaccinate all the children. I imagine that they were now really interested to make sure the chickens all got their shots - it's always more interesting when you're not the one getting poked.


Anonymous said...

I have just found you on Blog365 and am glad I did. Your descriptive writing is inspiring, you make it so real for someone who has not been to this area.

I love your blog. I'll definitely be back.

chanpheng said...

Thank you! I think a lot of people associate Laos with Lagos, and being in Africa. I'm just trying to set the world straight!