Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2 January, in retrospect

The temperature has dropped down in the single digits (Celsius, that is but still plenty cold). It's strange to think it can get so cold in a tropical country but Xieng Khouang province is up in the mountains (1,300 M. in altitude) and during the winter, the wind can blow. Our office is in an old wooden building and my house is concrete, renovated about 4 years ago; however, none of the houses here have any indoor heating. Whatever temperature it is outside, is just about the same temperature inside. And during the day, while it warms up outside, it doesn't warm up inside my house.

The main heater available is staying active - doing sit-ups and push-ups during the evening. Otherwise, I'd just settle in my quilt and read all night.

Also as part of the winter special package, the cold affects the phones, internet, fax and all that. So I'm just posting quickly for today, that we're still alive up here. Just cold that's all.

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