Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday - 15 feb 09

field and shadows

The Mekong dries up and the sandbars emerge during the dry season. I'm not sure what they are planting in the sand bars, but the shadows in the trenches were very interesting - topographic.


People often have elaborate metal fences. The undulations of the fence made a shadow that looked like a serpent - at least for me. Not sure about anyone else's eyes.

tree shadow.jpg

This final shot is of the shadow of a tree on the street.

These photos are for Shadow Shot Sunday, an amazing collection of shadows and their objects around the world.


Hey Harriet said...

All wonderful, but that first one is most fascinating. I love all of the shapes, patterns, shades & shadows captured in that shot! Just lovely!

Sweet Repose said...

I love them all...the B&W texture of the first shot showing diligence in a growing season, the undulating eyebrow of the iron fence and a simple tree pattern...beautiful! Have a wonderful day!


Rosebud Collection said...

What very interesting shadows..I could see the serpent in the shadow too..Good job..Happy SSS..

Paz said...

Wonderful shadow shots!


Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & my first shadow shot!

I had a funny reaction coming to repay the favor with your first photo (which I LOVE!). When the screen first came up, I saw about 75% of the photo (minus the human figure and the caption). So no sense of scale or object. I thought it was a roughly paved road with puddles that had a few shadows. I instantly liked all the patterning, but when I scrolled down to get the whole picture into view and saw the figure it was a moment of disconnect trying to re-understand what I was seeing and its scale.

Very beautiful photo, which personally caused an interesting moment of cognitive discord! ; )

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

All of these are wonderful shadows. We can't get over the first one ~ there are so many different textures for the eyes to see!

Carletta said...

Wonderful shots!
I like the serpent like shadow of the metal fence.

Dianne said...

sweeping scenes - wonderful series of shots

J.C. said...

I find the multiple patterns on the ground fascinating! Great eye!