Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ABC Wednesday: C for Cart and Cockles

A bit late this week - so I'm backposting. On Weds, I was up to my neck in logistics for a donor visit, followed by a long trip back to Vientiane. Had a meeting on Friday, and Saturday, I've been recovering.

These pictures are of mobile markets. People go around the neighborhoods selling food and other items during the mornings. This woman is selling vegetables from a hand cart:

mobile veg market

The folks in this truck are selling cockles. Lao people steam them and eat them with a sauce of fermented fish, lemon juice and chile peppers, further lubricated by beer. Although Laos is a landlocked country, fish travel from Thailand via the overnight train or by truck. Not exactly fresh, but people consider seafood to be a delicacy so in spite of the consequences, these vendors sell out their stock quickly.


This is my contribution for ABC Wednesday.


spacedlaw said...

Thanks for the virtual visit!

Gennaro said...

Laos is one of my favorite countries to visit. Very friendly locals and always something new to discover each day. Love the photos.

Pam said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of the world around you;) Thank you for sharing it :)