Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photo Hunt: Nautical

Lao is a landlocked country so the Mekong River takes the place of the ocean. Life revolves around the river, and many customs involve the legends of the river.

Naga Boats at Rest  16 October

These are Naga Boats (other cultures call them Dragon Boats). The naga are snake creatures which live under the water. When the Buddha was in meditation to seek the Middle Path, a thunderstorm blew up and the Seven Headed Naga King flared out his heads to protect the Buddha. Many communities along the river worship the naga and at the end of Buddhist Lent, have races so the naga can enjoy the activities of humans.

salavan boat racing

This race took place in Salavan in October 2008, along the Xedon River which flows into the Mekong at Pakse.

boat and laundry

There are still few roads in many parts of Laos, so a lot of good are shipped by boat. People live on the boats - and there's always the need to do laundry.

boat on Mekong

Boat at sunset along the Mekong.

This is my contribution to Photo Hunt.


Rebecca said...

Love the first picture because it makes you think of endless possibilities because the river seems to go on forever. I also love the shot where the sun is getting ready to set because it seems so peiceful - good photos :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing these naga boats chanpheng, I'm always awed with the world you live in right now. I'd love to come :)

Powell River Books said...

Thank you very much for the vist. Your nautical post is very interesting. In Powell River we have a dragon boat. A group of breast cancer survivors use it for motivation and exercise. They even go to competitions. Your picture of a house on a boat reminds me a little of my floating cabin, except mine is anchored in place on a raft. Goes to show different cultures sometimes come up with similar solutions. - Margy

Anonymous said...

I love the the last photo with the sunset because I love anything taken at the end of a day. Beautiful.

I also love the picture with the laundry hanging on the boat. It captures an everyday moment. Great photo.

Thanks for visiting my photohunt this week.

cating said...

i love the last pic. the sunset looks beautiful:D