Wednesday, February 25, 2009

F for Food

Whoops! It's Saturday morning and I forgot about ABC Wednesday. It's been a busy week, so I'm just catching up with myself before I go back out into the field tomorrow.

Well, I'm sure many people think of F for Food, so here's my take on a few of my classical food shots over the past few months.

This is one of my favorite food stands for breakfast in Bangkok. When I got for a doctor visit, I get my blood draw then head over to this alley under the Skytrain for breakfast:


A food vendor in Huay Kwang Market in Bangkok. Oh, and she's selling fish, so got in another F.

Well, there are many varieties of F in the world. I'll try to see how many I can view on other people's blogs this weekend!

fish vendor

And back to Laos - another variation on Food stand. This woman is selling sticky rice and grilled frogs, fish and dried meat.

food stand

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J.C. said...

Wow, the various kind of dishes on display in the photo of hawker at Bangkok really makes my tummy growling! The food looks so colourful and tempting! Yum, Yum!