Friday, September 19, 2008

Skywatch Friday for 19 September


Life has been too busy on this side of the world, so I'm catching up with some sky shots from the past two weeks.

The first set of pictures are from Salavan. On Monday, the 15th, the day after the full moon, Salavan had it's boat racing festival. More on that on the blog post. It was much nicer looking at the people, the boats, the water and the sky rather than looking at our feet. It thunderstormed the night before and most of the morning, just clearing before the boat racing.

This is the view looking downriver, towards the municipal water system.

salavan boat racing

Because of the crowds, the heat and the mud, we stayed only for two races. Vapy vs. Pakse is shown here.

salavan boat racing

And just past the finish:

Salavan boat racing

A good time was shared by all.

September is the rainiest month here - constant rain, some clearing then thunderstorms. Here's the view behind my house one evening:

mt and rainbow

As soon as I saw the rainbow, I went running outside.

double rainbow.jpg

Although the double rainbow did stretch across the sky, by the time I was in a place where I could get a good picture of it, the rain started to come down harder and the rainbow had lost its glint.

This is my contribution to fun group of people who post pictures of the skies from all around the world. For more pix, go to Skywatch Friday


Merisi said...

These are all fantastic windows into a beautiful part of this world!
Thank you for sharing them with us,


I´ve said and repeat. Great your blog.
Beautiful shots and important local reports.
Luiz Ramos
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Rose said...

Oh, these are wonderful. I think that is one of the best rainbow pictures I have seen. Just wonderful.

Louise said...

Nice photos and commentary! I went rainbow chasing last evening and know how elusive they can be!

chrome3d said...

You had nice subjects and I loved them both! Rainbows were cool and those dragonboat races are so fun. I have rowed in couple of those races (in Finland, really) and it was really exciting.

Carletta said...

What amazing photos! I love the landscape and sky behind the boaters.
The view behind your house looks so beautiful - the double rainbow is gorgeous. Great capture.

Tommy v said...

great post looks like fun

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for these marvelous views of your side of the world. You sure do capture some great panoramas. Thanks.

Dewdrop said...

Gorgeous rainbow shots. You always have such interesting posts.

alicesg said...

Beautiful photos for SWF. Sorry for being a late visitor. The scenery is beautiful. Love the mountain and the rainbow photo.

Reluctantfarmchik said...

great share! I have yet to capture a rainbow, so good going there!