Sunday, September 21, 2008

Even in exotic places...

May seem strange that in exotic Vientiane, refrigerators still have to be de-iced, and the contents of the refrigerator have to be examined and kept or tossed. So that was done this weekend.

Going through clothing that I have dumped on the floor and put everything away. Or try to find things. My landlady sometimes gets into the main part of my house and puts things away for me (or maybe the preposition I should use is 'from' me).

And the high point of my day today - two of the kittens stayed out all night and I couldn't find them this morning. When they finally appeared around noon, I tried to lure them back into the house - they escaped under the car, but when I tried to find them on the other side of the car, they had disappeared.

I guess every cat owner should figure out what comes next. I opened the hood of the car, and there they were. The calico was sleeping on the battery and the black kitten was sniffing around the oil dipstick. I didn't think to bring my camera out with me.


chrome3d said...
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chrome3d said...

You can´t take your camera with you every time you go out. I just have to see it in my head and that looks like a cute photo.

Sorry, I deleted the first comment as it had mistakes.