Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June: Fog on a clear day


It's been a while since I've been able to take pictures and post. My Nikon stopped working, just about the time that things started to heat up in Bangkok. I decided to wait until things quieted down, and then we had our own program evaluation so I had to wait some more. Happy to say, I've been re-united with my camera. It was a model which had been recalled because of a defective part, so the service center took care of everything and I had the camera back the following day.

But these pictures are not taken with my newly restored camera. I took these about two weeks ago in Pakse, Champasak Province. I kept the air con in the hotel room on all night and the camera had dropped down to the ambient temperature so when I took it out into the moist hot air the following day - instant fog. The sky had a few morning clouds, but everything was clear by the ground. The fog was in my camera's perception.

I took these pictures near one of the bridges on the Sedon River.

I walked around the back of the Buddhist wat, into a tiny graveyard (well, the ashes are placed in those monuments). The fog still had not lifted, so the effects were weird. The picture above is of benches, where relatives can sit and enjoy the view.

This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday, whose members post pictures of the skies around the world.


Hildred and Charles said...

I love these misty pictures, and thank your camera for its perception!

spacedlaw said...

Welcome back! The fog makes those places look haunted!

Dani said...

such mystical and lovely shots.

Happy Friday

VioletSky said...

Fog always adds a bit of mystery to view, so that's one trick to get an instant foggy view!!

Glad you got your Nikon back, all reconditioned.

magiceye said...

the fogging of the lens adds a mystery to the images

Kcalpesh said...

Wow that's a nice little walk into the history! Beautiful captures!!

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Mama Holli said...

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