Saturday, March 21, 2009

Regular Saturday

I've had a perfectly lazy day. This past week, I traveled down to Salavan then on to Sekong Province where some medical staff, we've trained in first aid, passed along their knowledge to village health volunteers. On Tuesday, we returned to Salavan and I attended some meetings on Weds. On Thursday, we stopped at a district hospital to see how they were doing and then continued on to Vientiane.

I deserved to have a lazy day. I finally left the house for a walk in the late afternoon, and stopped for dinner.


First time I've had dinner at this restaurant on the Mekong riverbank. The food is good and it's just 3 minutes walk from my house.

Mekong long

My view while eating dinner. This is the first time I've tried photo stitch and the two photos just went right together into one. Have to try more of this.

maeng mao

After yesterday's rains, the maeng mao or drunk bugs came out. They are flying termites who crash around the lights, fall down and after they've lost their wings, dig into the ground or die in the attempt. Geekos or humans eat them - the humans put out pans of water to catch the bugs and then deep fry them.

I don't like eating them much - they're very bitter. Now I'm catching up on the internet stuff though my connection keeps disconnecting. I'm always amazed that the internet works at all.

Reading Spin State by Chris Moriarty. Best 'hard' science fiction book I've read for a while, though the whole Einstein-Bose condensate and what it's supposed to do makes my head spin. And by entanglement, other heads should spin as well.

Anyway, back to the book.

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spacedlaw said...

Amazing about the termites. They are probably full of nutrients too.