Sunday, January 18, 2009

Highlights from our trip

It usually takes about 11 hours to drive to Salavan, and we got off late this morning (sad reason - had to stop by a funeral first)

So there was no time to stop for photos, even though the sky and light were so beautiful. I did what I could by snapping photos through the window. These are some of the best.


Temples in the south of Laos are very much open air. The mountains are the western reaches of the Annamites, which form the border between Lao and Vietnam.

drying grasses

I loved the way people lie the grasses they collected on their front yards so the grass can dry before the seeds are pounded out of them so they can be made into brooms.

tam maktoua

Where we stopped for dinner. The town of Khongxedon is famous for grilled chicken and homemade rice whiskey. Well, we enjoyed the chicken but skipped the whiskey.

ping gai

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magiceye said...

the 1st pic is very pretty!