Thursday, March 31, 2016

For April, I'm doing the A to Z challenge (look at the badge on the side). I'll be doing a little travel and culture-log around Lao PDR - a bit of fact and a bit of fiction. These are some are the topics, but they may change.

A for April
B for the Bang Fai festival
C for Champasak Province
D for Development
H for Haw Khao Padap Din
I for International Women's Day
J for Jakata Tales
K for Khao Phansaa
L for Louang Prabang
M for Malnutrition
N for Non-profit Associations
O for Owk Phansaa
P for Pii Mai Festival
S for Stunting
T for That Luang Festival
U for
V for Vessantara Jataka
W for Wan Heng Saadt
X for Xaisomboun
Y for
Z for

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