Friday, August 15, 2014

Skywatch Friday: Early morning walk during the monsoon season

I enjoy waking up early enough to drink some coffee, then walk along the river. The Mekong is high now, full of the rain; the sky has been full of rain.

When I set out, there was no rain but I watched the clouds gather over Sri Chiangmai on the Thai side. It seems to be good weather for the fishermen.

I turned around at Wat Sibounheuang, where the village has been building a new community hall; the construction has turned the yard around the main temple building into a moat, but good for reflections of the Buddha images.
Must be amateur meteorologists, watching the sky and the height of the river. There are many places along the river bank where people have placed arm chairs and benches for perfect viewing of the water going by.
I had nearly returned to my house when the sky opened up and I ran the last half mile. During the rainy season, always expect rain.

This is my contribution to Skywatch Friday. Click on the link and see the skies from other parts of the world.


fredamans said...

Beautiful photos.

Thomas Lee said...

I would love the drier season.