Friday, June 05, 2009

Skywatch Friday - 5 June 2009

At the start of the week, I caught sight of these clouds as I was walking home. By the time I got my camera out, they were just past their peak but still amazing. It's also amazing how quickly clouds can change.

Day 135 strange clouds

On Tuesday, as we were driving down to Champasak, I requested a stop to take a panoramic shot of pictures of the Krading River.

pakkading riversmall

After an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms, we headed to Salavan on Wednesday afternoon. The sky was so blue and clear from all the rain. While we stopped by the road, a whole family drove towards the distance in their tok-tok.

open road

And today, the rain came and went.

going home after rain

In spite of the humidity, the winds in the evenings are cool and refreshing.


Enigma said...

You are so right about the sky changing quickly. Particularly at sunrise and sunset. Beautiful!

Eric(NL) said...

Very nice Skywatch pictures!!!!

Well done!!!

Have a nice Skywatch Friday!!!

Greetings from Holland

Russ said...

Incredible clouds! happy SWF!

prkl said...

Great set of photos. My fav is the one with the pick up "truck". Great composion with fabulous skies above. Happy SWF!

Arija said...

Lovely shots, you seem to have captured a face in the clouds in the first shot.

Sanna said...

Beautiful! Nice photos. =)

Jane Hards Photography said...

Ever changing skies are so dramatic.

Bob Johnson said...

Beautiful cloudscape and great colors.