Thursday, April 02, 2009

That's my world! 31 March

A few shots of my life on this Tuesday. I woke up in Vientiane.

naga head

I took this picture before I started my morning run. This is a picture of one of teh Naga heads which will adorn the stairways leading into the new building housing the Buddha images. I wanted to get a shot of the workmen molding the images but they have eluded me.

So I set off on my three mile route. About halfway through, I saw this thundercloud lurking over Thailand on the other side of the Mekong.

storm over thailand

I didn't think that it was coming in our direction so I trotted off on my regular route. Just as I was turning back, the storm hit and I had to stand on someone's porch until the rain slowed down a bit. It was just a bit surprising - it's been unusually dry at this time of the year so I'm glad for the rain.

Later on in the day - after a morning full of meetings, and finishing up odds and ends at work, I headed over to Thailand and took the overnight train to Bangkok. This was the scene at the Udorn Thani station.

Udorn station

The sleeper cars on the train are comfortable and not very expensive, so it's usually a nice ride to Bangkok. I kept waking up during the night though. Around midnight, I saw these people waiting at a train station.

Ban phai train staton

I wondered where they were going at this hour of the night.

This is my contribution to That's My World.

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Glennis said...

I like those Naga Heads, they look great, do they have a meaning; like are they to protect the Budda's?
Nice interesting morning run you had.