Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend in Bangkok


I haven't been keeping my blogs up and posting pictures. Well, the picture part has been difficult. After my camera was run over by a car, it still worked well enough. But a couple of weeks again, it got lost. I was walking and a small bag I was carrying got lost. I did have some good pictures on it, which I hadn't transferred to my laptop; otherwise, it was the call to get a new camera.

The picture above was taken in the store in Bangkok.

I walked over to another shopping center and took this picture of floor of the Siam Discovery mall:

My foot

I guess it's kinda strange that they'll let scruffy people like me into the place.

Strange but true, Thais love Christmas. All the stores are decorated and people are taking pictures in front of the artificial Christmas trees and all.

Christmas at Paragon

This is all set against the backdrop of continued problems in Thailand. The People's Alliance for Democracy, the anti-Taksin group, promised the biggest demonstration ever for Sunday. They have been occupying the grounds of the Government House for over two months now. There have been several outbreaks of violence, where police had thrown tear gas which exploded like bombs, killing and injuring people. The pro-Taksin groups getting together as well - they wear red shirts, while the PAD wear yellow (showing their support for the king). The pro-Taksin group has had several rallies, with Taksin addressing the crowds via video feed. In the meantime, his wife has been convicted of fraud, and Taksin faces charges if he returns to Thailand, which may have to be soon since the UK revoked his visa. Somewhere along the line, he said that he plans to re-enter politics.

The whole story would be unbelievable as a novel - and this is real life.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Congratulations on the new camera! Nice to have you and your photos back!

GMG said...

Hi Chanpheng! Great to see you back! It seems things are a bit difficult in Bangkok...
Now, interested in Tunisia? Blogtrotter has it! ;)) Hope you enjoy! Have a great week!