Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ABC Wendesday: the B's

My landlady in Vientiane gave me these fresh bananas which she had cut from the tree in my front yard. The sap is still on the stalk.

Banana leaves from that tree. Banana leaves have many uses - they can be used as coverings for tables, disposable dishes and most often, wrapping for Khao Tom, a snack made of sticky rice mixed with beans or coconut or meat and steamed.

Balancing act - woman balancing Khao Tom on her motorcycle on the way to the market.

Boundary stones on top of wall surrounding Wat Prabath in Vientiane.

Buffalo walking along road.

Bus from remote district to the main town, Salavan province.

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CaBaCuRl said...

Lots of good B pictures...the bananas are making me hungry!

Bear Naked said...

Many original B pictures.

Bear((( )))

magiceye said...

interestingly informative

Gemma said...

Great photos. It is so enjoyable for me to go through ABCWednesday's photos from around the world!

Denise said...

The dish you mentioned with the banana leaves has me feeling hungry now.


babooshka said...

Banans straight from the tree must be wonderful to taste. They do look a lot healthier than our supermarket ones.

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photographs and very interesting.
I liked it a lot.

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Troy and Martha

T.R. said...

That bus is priceless. I love the buffalo - do they have buffalo fights in VN as they do in Thailand?