Thursday, February 24, 2005


I finally finished my project report and I feel free, free, FREE! Now I can to all the other things I've been putting off because I've been staring at my computer screen trying to get this report written. It has prevented me from thinking about Bigger Things, like the stars, the universe, and how much winter clothing I have to pack for my upcoming trip to the US.

Speaking about the universe, scientists have been cranking out numbers and finally have determined that they have found a galaxy made of dark matter, about 50 million LY from here. Are dark matter and the even weirder dark energy the components that hold the universe together. Are they responsible for the original primordial cloud having congealed into planets, stars and other etceteras?

The article I read was at:

Another mind-blowing article is the discovery of a quasar with a high red shift, between us and galaxy which has a low red shift, meaning that the quasar which should be further away from us is closer to us than this nearby galaxy.

That's all for now, I get dizzy when I think about the vastness of space.

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